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Micha wrote at July 20, 2012:
heaven on earth!!!
summah from new zealand wrote at April 3, 2012:
loved punakaiki, was the most fantastic, beautiful site i have ever seen in NZ...LOVE NEW ZEALAND WILDLIFE AND SCENARY!!!!!!!!!!! xxx
Krishna from Auckland, New Zealand wrote at February 20, 2012:
I love Punakaiki! I have been there too many times to count!! It never gets boring; every time is a new experience! I have been to the pancake rocks and blowholes, the cafe, information centre, souvenir shop, kayaking & swimming on the Punakaiki River.
Ben Sherwood from Canada wrote at November 19, 2010:
Punakaiki is amazing! This site is super helpful and awesome. I approve.
deb from nz wrote at October 21, 2010:
Punakaiki Rocks!!!